Our studio features a 64 Input API Vision All Discrete Surround Mixing and Recording Console. This all analog console is one of the best sounding pieces of recording equipment ever created. A recording console is the technical center of a studio and is used extensively in the recording process. Although this console has a huge number of advanced features, it offers a great balance between ease of use and awesome sound quality.

You can read more about the API Vision Console, as well as download the operations manual HERE


A 5.1 ATC monitoring system is used in the main control room. This system was custom installed and calibrated for our control room at 25th Street Recording. This system is hugely powerful while also being extremely accurate, far exceeding the standard of most large format studio monitoring systems.

Main Stereo Pair: 2 x ATC SCM300ASL Pro

Center, Surround, and Live Room Monitors: 5 x SCM150ASL Pro

Subwoofers: 2 x ATC Custom Dual 15" Cabinets with Custom ATC Amplifiers

Near-field Monitoring: Adam S3H, Adam S3A, Adam A7X with Adam Sub8, Yamaha NS10M with Bryston 4B SST, Focal Solo 6be

Headphones and Cue

Our primary headphone system allows each individual musician to have a private mix of vocals and instruments. Our secondary system provides stereo mixes x 4 outputs x 6 boxes. Both systems can be used together to provide a large number of headphone outputs for orchestral sessions, choirs and scoring sessions. Our system includes:

10 x Mytek Private Q Personal Headphone Mixers

6 x 4 Channel Redco "Little Red Q Boxes"

Headphones by AKG, Sony, Beyerdynamic, and Audio Technica