Our Piano

Our piano is a 1909 Steinway Model B Grand Piano. Steinway often refers to this piano as the perfect piano as it is very well balanced from bottom to top. At 6' 11' this piano is perfectly matched to our studio. We take great pride in maintaining our piano to the highest levels possible, and we regularly work with technicians in our area to make sure that the instrument stays balanced and easy to play. You can read more about this piano and it's history here: Steinway Model B

Guitars and Amplifiers

We have several amazing guitars and amplifiers available to our clients including acoustic guitars by Martin and Gibson, Electrics by Fender and Gibson, and Amps by Marshall, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Versatone, and Magnatone.


Having great drum kits on hand is important to us. We have complete drum kits by Gretsch, and Eams, and snare drums from Ludwig, Gretsch, Pearl, and Eams. We also have large number of cymbals by Sabian, Zildjian, and Paiste and many assorted auxiliary percussion instruments. We keep our drums in top condition, and we offer our clients a full drum tuning service if requested in advance.

Organ and Keyboards

25th Street has an all original Hammond A100 organ complete with model 147 and model 122 Leslie speakers. We also have a few various keyboards and controllers on hand including a Roland RD-700, Access Virus Synth, and many various soft synths and virtual instruments.