Mixing brings all of the separate elements of a recording together into one finished product.

At 25th Street Recording, we rely on the ears of our engineers, the accuracy of our rooms, and our incredible selection of equalizers, compressors and effects to finish your mixes right the first time. Our API Vision console and ATC surround-sound speaker system gives us ultimate control over our mixes and provides us an extremely accurate environment to listen. We make sure that when you leave the studio your music sounds great everywhere.

Mixing can be done with or without the client present in our studio. We can accept audio tracks from any brand of recording software, and we are happy to assist our clients when preparing for mix sessions. Mixing can take hours or days depending on the needs and scope of the project. Clients sometimes prefer the flexibility of mixing "in the box", while others prefer the sonic possibilities of a full console mix. Either way, we will help you determine the right balance for your project.